Corona virus has had a huge impact on our economy, whether you are faced with the unfortunate circumstance of redundancy or reduced wage due to furlough you may be wondering how to approach the job marketing in a post corona virus world.  

If you are job searching you face a situation like never before, jobs are fewer and those that are available have much larger competition than before. It is crucial now more than ever to take steps to build our professional presence in order to stand out to hiring managers. Of course naturally the first stage to finding a job is to review your resume. If you are looking for tips on how to write and structure your resume please read our blog on ‘How to write a Killer CV’.

So what can you do to ease the job search? 


In a time where change is inevitable, It is so important that we keep building our skill set to ensure that we are adaptable to a post coronavirus job market. There are always skills to be learnt, regardless of your industry or position. It may be useful to do a skill audit and write down a list of all the skills you have and evaluate the skills that can be transferable. What does this mean? This means that the skills you posses are useful to employers across various jobs and industries. These might include adaptability, organisation and team work, communication. For example if you have the skill set of excellent communication skills, and are looking from moving from an in-house role to an agency client facing role you can highlight this skill.  

Of course we have had a lot more time on our hands with the nation being at home during lockdown, which has provided the opportunity for online trainings and certifications. If you have done any of these you may want to analyse what new skills you have learnt from them. Or if you still have time why not try a new course that gains you a new skill set? 


Building your professional network is crucial now more than ever. Update your Linkedin and make sure it reflects the exact type of employers you wish too. How? 

  • Use the headline to sell yourself – tell the world what it is you can do and incorporate keywords, as this can help you be found in searches. This shouldn’t focus just on your job title but what benefits you can bring.
  • Write a killer summary – recruiters will always look at your summary so write one which is clear and easy to understand whilst at the same time representing exactly what you can do.
  • Make sure your photo is of your face – people like to put a face to the name.

Your network includes individuals you know and those you wish to know. Speak to your personal contacts and see if they know of any jobs going around. Referrals are always a great advantage when it comes to finding a job! You can also ask your past colleagues to write a recommendation for you on your Linkedin profile and highlight your skills and abilities. 

How else can you utilise Linkedin to nurture your relations?

Post Often – this is pretty self explanatory, when a connections likes, shares or comments on one of your posts, all of their connections are more likely to see it on their own feed. If your content seems relevant, those “2nd degree connections” may take the step to send an invitation to connect with you. Posting more often creates additional opportunities for engagement, which means your content can be found across many page feeds everywhere. Don’t be concerned about annoying people by posting every day. LinkedIn’s algorithms are tricky, and your network isn’t likely to see every post unless you publish an article natively with LinkedIn’s article too. Make sure you also post any achievements or work you can – recruiters may see it! For example, have you done any online certifications you can highlight? Have you done any online work during lockdown? For example sharing some blogs you may have written? 

Engage with Existing Connections – Engaging with existing connections puts your profile directly in front of their networks; and all it takes is a “like” or comment on their posts. It can be as simple as writing a comment on their post such as “Thanks for sharing”, but it shows you are active on Linkedin and are considerate to when someones content resonates with you. It is a great way to increase your Linkedin exposure. 


There are some extra steps you may want to take in addition to updating your LinkedIn profile in order to stand out. There are other ways you can improve your online presence, for example, you can create your own website, almost like an online CV/ portfolio that can highlight in more detail what you can do, provide more information on yourself and show examples of your work. Especially if you are in a role like marketing where you may have ran several creative campaigns which can be hard to showcase on a CV. Even if you don’t have a business yourself, you can market yourself as a professional with your own website and use search engine optimization techniques to help potential employers or clients find you. It isn’t that hard to do either, you can use online website builders like or Squarespace.You can also find online communities that interest you and become an active participant in those communities. Done correctly, this activity can help build your network and may come as useful at some point in the job hunting process. 



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