Working for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Bars are not for everyone. But there are many benefits in the industry, and if it does work for you, you will develop a true passion for the industry and will usually stay in the industry for the long run. But what is it about this industry that is just so great?

It is fulfilling to make other people happy

When you work in hospitality you impact peoples lives, whether you are in management or front of house, everything you do is to add a delight and happiness to someones life. In hospitality we provide the experiences that people look forward too and play a role in the memories they make – that is fulfilling! 

Take your career global 

Hospitality opens doors to the world – it is at the heart of every country in the world and the skills you learn in one place are readily transferable to the next. This means there are always opportunities for you to live in new countries and explore new places.

Career progression

The hospitality world is large yet small, and if you are impressing, showing initiative, determination and skill set, you can work your way up the ladder very quickly into higher positions. Equally, you do not need to be stuck in one role, if you stay within one company there are opportunities to move between roles too. Who is to say you cant start in reception and end up in sales?

Hospitality also has great networking opportunities, it is easy to stay connected with fellow hospitality associates and colleagues. This is great for career for opportunities or just to be able to learn from different people.

Dynamic industry

The Hospitality world is constantly evolving and changing with new trends emerging every week. This presents everyday with something different, with something new to learn and a new challenge to take on. For some, fast-paced settings fuel passion and excitement, and if so hospitality could be the best path for you! But if you are the sort of person that likes the same structure every day then hospitality may not be the industry for you. 

Great Atmosphere

One thing that is integral to hospitality is customer service, so the type of people who work in hospitality are the type of people who want to please others and make them happy. This usually results in working alongside others who are vibrant, lively and fun people. This makes for a very exciting atmosphere! 

Great Perks 

Any hospitality company you work for usually has perks you can show off about! Whether this is discount at some of the best restaurants or being able to stay in super cool hotels at an affordable price!

Timeless Industry 

The hospitality industry isn’t going anywhere. Yes it has gone through a testing time this year with Covid19 however hospitality will fight back and the demand for hospitality will start to rise again. I can’t imagine a world without eating out, trying new cocktails and going on holidays and either can anyone else!

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