With the hospitality industry starting to re-open after the tragedy of the Coronavirus pandemic, communication is important now more than ever. For many, it is a case of balancing the need to employ marketing tactics with lower budgets. So how can we communicate without overkilling the budget? BE STRATEGIC.  

Use Facebook audience Insights 

Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. With paid social media campaigns you can be strategic by ensuring you are reaching the right audiences. Facebook’s audience insights can help you do this by providing aggregate information on users, for example it can target people who are similar to your current audience, or you can create a custom audience based on information provided by Facebook, such as age, gender or  top performing pages or likers. You will never attract everyone with your marketing activity, so  spending the time to create the right audience means that instead you will target the RIGHT people, and use your budget effectively.  

Facebook Pixel  

The Facebook Pixel is a code which you place on your website which not only helps you track ad performance but can help with ‘Retargeting Campaigns’. For example it can target your ads based on people who have clicked on your website. You can even create ‘Custom Events’ such as PDF downloads or subscriptions and target users that have performed these actions. This is strategic as it means that you are targeting those that are already interested in you, so you can ensure you stay at the forefront of their mind.  

Content First Approach  

With consumers behavioural patterns and mindsets changing due to Covid19 I would suggest taking a content driven approach to marketing as opposed to a revenue driven ‘book now’ approach which can seem forceful and inconsiderate to consumer needs. Instead we need to build trusting relations with our consumers by understanding their needs and delivering content accordingly. This could include making consumers feel safe whilst also creating a ‘buzz’ around your venue. Consumers may or may not be ready to eat, drink or travel now, but in creating a trusting relationship with them, as soon as they are, your audience will become your customers.  

Google Ads

We all know that PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are a strategically proven way to generate conversions, but it does require a decent budget. However I would suggest looking into whether your company is eligible for Pandemic Ad Credits which are being offered until the end of 2020 for small – medium sized companies that have spent on ads in ten out of the twelve months in 2019. 

Google Trends 

SEO is a free way to ensure your website is driving traffic. Google Trends can help you be strategic with your SEO as it provides trends on search queries in particular countries over a particular period of time. You can then narrow down to sub region or city. This can be useful to see what the search trends at the moment are and use this to build your SEO strategy.  

Answer The Public 

When looking at your SEO strategy you want to create content based on customers needs, and know what kind of questions will they be asking. Answer The Public is a great tool for this! For example, if you look up ‘London Restaurants’ this tool will pull up related questions which are popular with the public such as, “which restaurants in London are open”, “restaurants open on Sunday” or “when will restaurants re-open”. It is crucial to understand consumers needs when writing your website content as search engines rank content that is relevant more highly.  

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